Welcome North Carolina Patriots!

Working together we can fix the 2020 election issues!

You can help canvass your street, family, and friends

in 3 simple steps:

Step 1:

VISIT nationwide voter lookup:


ENTER: Street Name and ZIP Code
Click SEARCH. IF someone is listed at an address who you KNOW DID NOT LIVE THERE before 10/4/20 or was deceased as of 11/3/20 GO TO STEP 2.

Step 2:

VISIT North Carolina voter lookup:
  NC Voter Lookup
ENTER: First Name, Last Name, County
Be sure to CHECK BOTH BLUE BOXES at bottom of form, click SEARCH. Click on the name, scroll to the bottom to see if they did or did or did not vote in the 11/3/2020 election.  
Next, forward the info to: 


Step 3:
Send these INSTRUCTIONS to your FAMILY, FRIENDS, CHURCH Members, etc.
Ask them to check their street and look up their personal voter information. IF the official NC Board of Elections record does not match their voting actions in 2020, INCLUDING THEIR VOTING METHOD – please forward the info to:


THANK YOU for checking the voter rolls. Please share this with everyone you know. Let’s FIX 2020 and work together to ensure trustworthy elections.

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